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"just feel my chi and feel my energy Passion is the key

Put your hands up with your favourite DJ Gigi Lee

All your  little secrets are safe with me , you don’t wanna mess with me

My middle name is La-Tequi, but I party with green tea"


Gigi Lee embarked on her musical journey in the UK, where she discovered a deep passion for house music while immersing herself in the local electronic music scene. Her love for music eventually led her back to Shanghai, where she stood out with her unconventional attitude, fashionable flair, and distinctive voice.

In 2020, she made her mark by releasing her first trip-hop single, "Would You Be My Valentine." Subsequently, in July, she teamed up with Greek electronic music producer G Spice to release the deep house single "No More" under the renowned UK dance label, W&O Street Tracks. The track received recognition as "BEST NEW DEEP HOUSE" by Beatport. In September, she unveiled her jazzy hip-hop single, "Don't Let Go.”


In 2021, Gigi Lee dropped her electronic pop single "Mango Mango,” propelling her into the spotlight. Her unique talent garnered attention from various media outlets, including prominent fashion magazine Grazia, the world's leading online female DJ magazine DJane Mag, and the renowned UK electronic dance and clubbing magazine Mixmag. She then was invited to a variety TV show in China, Fortry. During the summer, she inked a deal with the celebrated record label Warner Music and released her big beat/electronica single "ISOLATION" in July. The track charted five times on China's leading streaming platform, NetEase, accumulating over 1 million streams within two months. Just two months later, she released a remix EP in collaboration with Mexican DJ/producer duo Criminal Sounds, Spanish electronic music producer/DJ Mainterm, and American electronic music producer/DJ Juany Bravo. By the end of the year, she earned the #5 spot from DJane Mag China and was honored as "BEST HOUSE DJ OF THE YEAR" by PYRO Music.


In 2022, Gigi Lee unveiled her electronic pop single "妈妈的水饺 (Mom's Dumplings)" just before Mother's Day. The infectious hook and her video clips quickly went viral on Chinese social media. In September, she took part in 48-hour film festival and won the award for "BEST ORIGINAL MUSIC.”


In 2023, Gigi Lee commenced a 6-month art residency at Swatch Art Peace Hotel, providing her with a conducive environment to focus on creating her new album. In July, she was invited to Tomorrowland and was featured in a commercial for Coca-Cola.


Gigi Lee's unique fashion style has also captured the attention of numerous international brands, including Hermès, Moschino, Stella McCartney, Isabel Marant, Maison Margiela, Salvatore Ferragamo, and McLaren, among others.


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